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Beautiful ways to keep and display your photos

Because your LOVE Story needs to be shared!

Cornwall Wedding Couple looking at their wedding album

I absolutely LOVE to have your wedding photographs placed into one of my Wedding albums, for me this completes your day. Just look at that smile above when viewing their album for the first time, melts my heart!

As a Wedding Photographer in Cornwall and surrounded by so many beautiful areas I like to incorporate that into a lot of your day. Imagine having something like this as a full spread in an album

Just imagine what the grandkids would say years from now…wow!

And that to me is what having your wedding in Cornwall printed into a Wedding Album or book is all about. People get so excited showing friends and family their wedding photos, it brings back so many happy memories which are their to cherish and share forever.

Why these Albums and Books?

I have spent years finding the right supplier of Wedding albums for my business and this is why I have chosen Graphistudio for your Wedding Album!

“EVERY PRODUCT is conceived, designed and made in Italy.

Every single order is unique and handcrafted.


“Thousands of professional photographers around the world trust us to print and bind their tailor-made books, albums and wall art, using state of the art technology in combination with the finest materials and Italy’s world-renowned craftsmanship.”


That’s right, your wedding album is handmade in Italy, giving you style, elegance and attention to details.

My wedding albums are both a lay flat design meaning your photographs can cross over the middle of the pages with no loss of detail. This gives your album more design opportunites and full use of the spread.

Check out some of my couples wedding albums from last year…they are absolutely stunning!

We spend a good amount of time before and after the wedding, designing these together. We will go over wedding themes and colours, personal designs and quote ideas and what we are bringing from the wedding to be included in the design…the design really is endless

I have two albums to choose from and both are as popular and unique as each other.

Choosing the Italian Wedding Album to add to your Collection.

“The most iconic product of the recent years. Clean design, infinite colour combinations, stunning personalisations for the perfect unique album and box”

For those who LOVE a combinations of modern aesthetics and practicality.

This could be your Wedding album being made in Italy

The Wedding Book to add to your Collection

This beautiful Wedding Book is perfect for smaller, intimate, elopement weddings in Cornwall where you still love the thought of having all of your beautiful wedding memories in one place.

The wedding book you will receive is a blend of quality, convenience and Beauty. A perfect wedding book for smaller weddings in Cornwall. With this design you can place anywhere in the home and it can become a centre piece of your day,

We don’t want an album just yet

That is absolutely fine. I have brought in my rustic wooden box, print and USB collection for this very reason. As much as I LOVE wedding albums and would really like you all to have your story printed, I understand that some still prefer USB, I have added a box that can hold prints so I can still get those beautiful memories of yours to you in print…lol

Don’t forget that your first anniversary is paper!! And what are Wedding albums made of? Hint Hint…lol

Rustic Wooden box that holds wedding photographs

Thank you for reading about my Wedding Albums and products

Please feel free to look around my website, there is a lot of loveliness to see. If you’d like to know more, have a question or check availability then please drop me a message and say hellooo, I’d love to hear from you.




Do you have a question or would like to check our availability? Why not pop me a message and say helloo!

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